HOCAI Staff Workshop

12 02 2019

On the 7th and 8th February the staff at FIOHTG underwent a two-day long institutional assessment workshop using the Holistic Organizational Capacity Assessment Instrument (HOCAI). This is a flexible instrument which aims to assists organizations to conduct a self-analysis of their strengths and challenges. The HOCAI can be easily adapted to specific organizational contexts and is used to build a stronger organization. It strives to improve organizational functions, using data, through capacity strengthening and then directs the participants on how to develop an action plan. The assessment was facilitated by one of FIOHTG´s board members, Joanna Mendy from CRS, in the conference hall at FIOHTG and with a majority of the staff form all units participating.


In the HOCAI, there are nine capacity areas, which are broken down into components and portrayed as statements that indicate the organizations capacity. These areas are:

1) Identity and governance, 2) Strategy and Planning, 3) General Management, 4) External Relations and Partnerships, 5) Sustainability, 6) Organizational Learning, 7) Human Resource Management, 8 ) Financial and Physical Resource Management and finally 9) Programming, Services and Results.


The data results provided from the HOCAI will be used by FIOHTG to develop and strengthen the organization further. The action plan created aims to improve performance which will increase our opportunities and performance internally and externally so we can continue to invest in, and collaborate with the marginalized communities in rural Gambia

M&E Baseline Survey in Selected Schools For SDU

5 02 2019

Between the 28 -31 of January the Monitor & Evaluation (M&E) officer Muhammed Lenn travelled throughout The Gambia, accompanied by the Swedish interns Jeanna Isacson and Dalinne Bojang. The School Development Unit (SDU) at FIOHTG had requested a baseline survey to establish the status of education in the selected schools before intervening since SDU is tasked with the responsibility of promoting quality and relevant education.


SDU will continue to be involved in the selected clusters, especially in rural areas which are the most vulnerable, to promote quality and relevant education in schools. The participating schools in this study were Samba Chargel and Maria Samba Nyadoh (North Bank Region 3), Darsilami and Nyawurulung (Region 4), Chargel (Region 5) and Kisskiss (region 6)


The M&E team had the main task of collecting baseline data for the SDU, which was done by direct questions to the principles and five of the teachers whom also served as respondents together with an observation checklist for the school facilities. The baseline survey provided and established information on quality, relevance, enrolment and retention rates at schools under study. This data is to be used for follow up interventions and to track changes. 


In the schools there was a positive student-textbook ratio and in Darsilami, full cycle school, the national results were exceptional. However, the majority of the schools faced challenges with quality assistance for children with special needs, adequate benches and sustainable food provision. Furthermore, in Nyawurulung, lower basic school, they are facing severe issues with water and sanitation, which affects the children’s education and the teachers working environment. There are many important factors to why a baseline survey needs to be done before intervening, become aware of the issues that the schools are facing and therefore take the appropriate actions for informed decision-making


1 01 2019

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We wish you a successful and peaceful 2019 and hope you will join us to make this year even better for our organization and Gambia as a whole.

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Newsletter December 2018

20 12 2018


  • Village Development Committee Training
  • CTU’s new commitment for school expansions
  • Monitor and Evaluation Framework Validation
  • Waste Management Training

See attached file for Newsletter: Newsletter December 2018.2

Newsletter November 2018

14 11 2018


  • FIOHTG on a study tour to the Songhai Centre in Benin
  • Construction follow up after one year
  • Training on HRBA at the FIOHTG office
  • Agricultural training with CDU

See attached file for the newsletter: 
Newsletter November 2.1 2018

Newsletter October 2018

5 10 2018


  • SDU at FIOHTG collecting data and need assessment in the North Bank Region
  • FIOHTG is coordinating leadership training
  • TANGO meeting with IMF
  • The New Swedish intern
  • Interface dialogue for democratic development between duty bearers and right holders

See attached file for the newsletter: Newsletter October 2018

Newsletter March 2018

3 04 2018


  • Forum Syd visit to evaluate the work of FIOHTG
  • Several National Endowment for Democracy (NED) activities conducted last months
  • The construction unit at FIOHTG held meeting with contractors
  • The annual audit report is being conducted at FIOHTG
  • Afrikaada Teeth Savers on fieldtrip

See attached file for the newsletter: Newsletter March 2018

Newsletter February 2018

28 02 2018


  • FIOHTG staff plans the next Country Strategy Plan (CSP) 2018-2022
  • The construction unit at FIOHTG are building new toilets
  • The School Development Unit at FIOHTG informed about civic rights and duties
  • New Swedish intern at FIOHTG
  • FIOHTG are planning to phase in new communities to support

See attached file for the newsletter: Newsletter February 2018 

Corporate Complaince Training

28 11 2017

Senior and middle managers of FIOHTG attended a one day training on corporate compliance at the office conference room on the 22 November 2017. The training was coordinated by  the Global Innovation And Motivation Alliance (GIMA) and facilitated by Mr Morro Krubally a lecturer from the university of The Gambia. The topics covered include among others Absence and Tardiness, maintaining respect among coworkers, Harassment and discrimination at workplace and waste, fraud and abuse of company resource. The objective is to improve on the managerial and professional skills of the staff . In another development the newly elected board of directors held  their second board meeting on Saturday the 25th November 2017 where they discussed important issues .

Education For All Campaign in the Daily Observer

8 06 2017

On 7th of June the Gambian newspaper Daily Observer published an article about the yearly Education For All Campaign held by FIOHTG. Enjoy the read!

Link to original article: https://observergm.com/fiohtg-education-for-all-campaign-held/

Link to PDF of article: Newsarticle EFA Campaign